PUB 331: Graphic Design in Transition: Print and Digital Books

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” might be a metaphor, but when it comes to actual books, their covers – and their design as a whole – are essential for reaching audiences and communicating what’s on the page.

Building on the principles learned in PUB 231: Graphic Design Fundamentals, this course explores the role of graphic design in how we buy, read, and understand books. 

Lectures and in-class discussions will help you understand the design process for print and digital publications, and will guide you to think critically about how graphic design communicates information and ideas. Hands-on lab sessions will let you practice design elements like grids, typography, and hierarchy, and will help reveal what all those buttons and shortcuts do in InDesign. Through assignments focused on typography, ePubs, book covers, and book interiors, you get to be the art director and explore every step of the design process from sketching to typesetting to printing and book binding. 


PUB 231 or equivalent.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

  • Typographic Exercise 5%
  • Book Design Assignment 1 20%
  • Book Design Assignment 2 30%
  • Reading reflections (x 2) 15%
  • Essay 20%
  • Attendance & Participation 10%