PUB 331: Graphic Design in Transition: Print and Digital Books

Building on the principles learned in PUB 231: Graphic Design Fundamentals, this course is a comprehensive look at book design practices, in both print and digital media. Students further investigate typography and formats to better understand how they help organize and convey information.

This is a hands-on course divided into a lecture and a lab session each week. Through lectures, in-class exercises, projects, required readings, and critiques, students gain a greater understanding of the relationship between content and form. While working on their projects using the design process, students develop a deeper understanding of hierarchy, grids, rhythm & pacing, typography, and the visual relationship between type and graphics. The course also covers design issues such as: art direction & production; book design history; conceptual thinking; and readability & legibility.


PUB 231 or equivalent.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

  • Typographic Exercise 5%
  • Book Design Assignment 1 20%
  • Book Design Assignment 2 30%
  • Reading reflections (x 2) 15%
  • Essay 20%
  • Attendance & Participation 10%