Emerging Leaders in Publishing Summit 2024

February 11, 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Emerging Leaders in Publishing Summit!

Now in its 9th year, this five-day blend of academic and industry collaboration has consistently ignited innovative discussions and nurtured groundbreaking ideas in the realm of publishing.

An impressive gathering of authors, publishers, industry associations, and scholars explores the depths of one of the most captivating creative sectors during a week filled with insight and inspiration.

Centered around The Book Publishing Process, we're set to dive into a variety of engaging topics, including:

  • The Canadian Book Market: An in-depth look at local trends and dynamics.
  • The Interconnectedness of Authors and Publishers: Examining evolving trends and their impacts.
  • The Author-Editor Dynamic: An exploration of this fundamental and vital relationship.
  • Navigating Discoverability: Strategies to overcome how readers find books.
  • Retail Marketing Innovations: Fresh approaches to marketing in the retail space.
  •  Responsibility and Accountability: Societal and cultural responsibilties of publishers and authors to society, culture, and the world.
  •  The Intersection of AI and Publishing: Exploring how artificial intelligence is reshaping the industry.

Using solution-oriented discussions, industry experts alongside SFU's faculty and students will tackle both the challenges and opportunities within the Canadian publishing landscape.

The summit features a series of panel discussions, lectures, and interactive dialogues, focusing on the author's journey from pre-publication to publication, and the evolution of publishing models.

Each day kicks off with sessions led by distinguished industry leaders, paving the way for afternoon brainstorming breakouts and personalized mentorship opportunities.

As a cornerstone event for fostering future industry-academia collaboration, the Emerging Leaders in Publishing Summit is the perfect launchpad for those poised to embark on dynamic careers in book publishing, setting the groundwork for the future of the industry.

Learn more about this year's industry guests here