MPub Fall 2022 Book Project Presentations

December 14, 2022

Each year, SFU's Master of Publishing (MPub) students work tirelessly and passionately, for seven weeks, preparing their business plans and their first list of trade books as part of the PUB 605 Fall Book Publishing Project requirements.

Students are assigned to groups to form simulated book publishing companies through which they adopt distinct industry roles: publisher, editor, sub rights manager, production manager, art director, promotion manager, and marketing manager. Each team produces the editorial profile, designs the book covers, and provides the audience - which includes SFU Publishing faculty members, colleagues, and industry panelists - an insight into their imprints, title lists and marketing strategies.

On December 2, this year's cohort of 16 students presented their final projects to SFU Publishing alumni and panelists, Megan Radford, Sales Manager at Greystone Books, a trade book publisher of non-fiction books, and Michael Leyne, recipient of the 2022 Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence and Editorial Director of Figure1 Publishing, an independently owned Vancouver based Canadian publisher of Art and Design as well as non-fiction books.


An imagined imprint of Biblioasis, a Canadian independent bookstore and publishing company based in Windsor, Ontario, Tilted Press aims to publish accessible, inclusive, and universal books that empower marginalized voices. Their four titles, two of which are niche, explore themes of reconciliation, decolonization, accessibility, mixed cultural identities, and rock music from the 60s and 70s. Although their primary goal is to encourage discourse around socio-political issues, intersectionality, and intersectional perspectives, lie at their core.

Book Titles:

  1. Stolen Motherhood
  2. Things Unseen
  3. Don’t Offend the Ghosts 
  4. Control


An imagined imprint of Greystone Books, an independent trade book publisher of non-fiction books, Match House Books aims to publish stories inspired by human connections and imagination. Their four titles delve into the beauty and importance of oral storytelling, traditions, reconciliation, immersive experiences, nature, culture, and personal narratives. They highlight stories that emerge within ethnic or minority communities and marginalized youth groups. Their books evoke a sense of nostalgia and feelings of familiarity and belonging all the while championing the underdogs.

Book Titles:

  1. Ekee’s Win
  2. Georgian Towers: True Stories from Vancouver’s Hotel turned Home 
  3. The Sense of Nature: A Coastal Travelogue from a Blind Biologist
  4. HOME: Chinese Traditions in Metro Vancouver


An imagined imprint of House of Anansi, Canada’s leading independent publisher of literary fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and a pioneer in many ways, Foxtail Press focuses on the importance of mentorship. Their four titles engage in thought-provoking as well as coming-of-age stories. Whether it is about empowering marginalized voices, sharing feminist perspectives, or indulging in relatable, self-care narratives, Foxtail Press aims to highlight issues around patriarchy, its role in diminishing women, while celebrating the enduring power of art and its ability to inspire us and connect us back to our roots.

Book Titles:

  1. Emilia, A Novel
  2. Empty Places
  3. How I’m Dealing with the END of the World 
  4. Holding Ground

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