Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are present in many of the buildings throughout Simon Fraser University. These materials do not pose a health hazard unless the asbestos becomes airborne through construction activities or deteriorated materials. For general inquiries about hazardous building materials, please contact

Exposure control

SFU is required to control, prevent and limit the exposure of airborne asbestos fibres as low as reasonably achievable. To meet this requirement SFU has developed an Asbestos Exposure Control Plan.

Asbestos Exposure Control Plan

SFU’s Asbestos Exposure Control Plan outlines the management of asbestos-containing materials and the roles and responsibilities of SFU staff and building occupants. As well, the plan discusses the process of asbestos abatement and details asbestos emergency procedures.

The primary focus of the plan is to eliminate accidental worker, student and contractor exposure to airborne asbestos fibres and to ensure the health and safety of building occupants and visitors.  This is achieved by identifying asbestos-containing materials, abating or encapsulating the ACM’s, training and educating workers whose work activities have a potential to disturb ACM’s and raising awareness of ACM’s for all members of the University community.

Asbestos abatement at SFU

All asbestos abatement work at SFU is conducted by a qualified contractor in accordance with WorkSafeBC regulatory requirements.  In addition, a third party, qualified consultant reviews work procedures, conducts inspections and collects air samples to confirm that all safe work procedures are strictly adhered to.  A final visual inspection is also conducted prior to re-occupancy of the work area.