The SFU Ergonomics Program consists of a program manual, awareness training, task and workstation assessments, consultation on purchasing furniture and equipment, and resource documents.

Click here to download the 2023 SFU Ergonomics Program Manual.

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Purchasing furniture

Ergonomics Demo Room

A workstation display at EHRS is available to trial some models of chairs, height-adjustable tables, and sit-stand risers. EHS is located in Discovery 1, room 1300, Discovery Park. Contact to set up an appointment.

* SFU Ergonomics Demo Chairs 05.2022.docx
Click to download a list of demo chairs available to test out.
* SFU Ergonomics Demo Sit Stand Workstations 06.2022.docx
Click to download a list of demo height-adjustable tables and standing desk converters available to test out.

Purchasing ergonomic office chairs

Consult EHS prior when selecting office chairs for employees to set up a demo. If none of the chairs are deemed appropriate for the individual, the employee may opt for a chair demo through one of the suppliers. 

Guidelines for chair adjustability 

  • Height
  • Lumbar support
  • Back rest angle
  • Armrests (if applicable);
  • Be fitted with a knee tilt (free float) or multi tilt (rocking) mechanism;
  • Have a stable (five pronged) base with casters appropriate for type of flooring (carpet castors for carpet or floor castors for hard floors);
  • Appropriately support the employee’s weight;
  • Allow space (2”-3”) between the front of the seat pan and the back of the legs;
  • Have height and width adjustable arm rests (if ordered with armrests); and
  • Fall within technical standards set by SFU Procurement Services.

Purchasing desks

Desks must be assessed for proper fit of the employee while considering the employee's work activities. 

EHS has identified a number of furniture suppliers able to assist you as well with choice or design requirements.  Please contact Procurement Services at or contact Paul Dhaliwal directly at Paul, 778.782.6840.

Resource: Office Ergonomics Furniture & Equipment Purchasing Guide

This guide contains technical guidelines for office chairs and sit-stand workstations and examples of products that have been identified as ergonomically sound for office and computer workstation users. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of products and vendors where the product is available for purchase.

* SFU Office Ergonomics Furniture & Equipment Purchasing Guide 08.2022.pdf
Office Ergonomics Furniture & Equipment Purchasing Guide