X-ray safety

The SFU X-ray safety program facilitates and ensures safe use of X-ray Emitting Devices (XEDs) in research, teaching and the environment.

Compliance & oversight

Regulations & Guidelines

The use of equipment generating ionizing radiation is federally regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and  provincially by WorkSafeBC.

Health Canada is the federal regulatory authority for radiation emitting devices and is responsible  for admisinstering the Radiation Emitting Devices (RED) Act and the Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations.  The RED Act governs  the sale, lease, or importation of all radiation emitting devices in Canada.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) implements and manages a national certification program.

Compliance with policies, procedures and regulations are monitored through inspections by Radiation Safety staff and the Compliance Division of the regulatory authorities.

Radiation Safety Policy

SFU's Radiation Safety Policy R20.04 establishes terms of reference, policies and procedures concerning safe use of radiological materials, and  including  safe installation, operation and maintenance of equipment emitting radiation.

The policy is designed to protect University personnel and the general public from hazards and comply with regulatory requirements.

University Radiation Safety Committee

The University Radiation Safety Committee, as outlined by the CNSC, acts to oversee and audit the Radiation Safety Program.  The committee is comprised of researchers with expertise and interest in the use of radiation.

New instrument inventory

X-ray instrumentation registration has been added to SFU’s online laboratory hazard inventory system. The inventory allows SFU to better meet important regulatory requirements.

For more visit the laboratory hazard inventory page.