X-ray safety

The SFU X-ray safety program facilitates and ensures safe use of X-ray Emitting Devices (XEDs) in research, teaching and the environment.

Program Manuals

The X-ray safety manual provides a comprehensive review of the SFU Safety Program providing resources for researchers who use X-ray emitting devices (XEDs).



How to prepare for inspections:

X-ray emitting device (XED) safety inspections are required to ensure safe operation and regulatory compliance with SFU's Radiation Safety Program (RSP). 'Responsible Users' are required to conduct internal X-ray safety inspections and make the results available to the Radiation Safety Officer. Internal inspections are conducted by EH&S Radiation Safety on a regular basis. Researchers can prepare for the inspection by examining their laboratory using the following checklists:

Note: Records for user training must be maintained by the Responsible User and be made available for inspection.


Find information on X-ray safety signage.

Important: X-ray signage is mandatory. The sign must be clearly legible and visible at a distance of 2 meters to individuals approaching the room door.


If you use XED, you must be abide by federal record keeping procedures. Consult the XED Record Retention document for information regarding XED document retention. If you have any questions or if you are still unsure, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer at rso-info@sfu.ca.

Radiation protection surveys

Radiation protection surveys of analytical XED’s are intended to determine whether the equipment functions according to applicable design and performance standards and are used and maintained in a way that provides maximum radiation safety to all persons. For more visit specific procedures.