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Information release / privacy

Authorizing access to your student information

How can I grant or deny access to my student information?

Protection of Privacy

What are the rules about protection of privacy at SFU?


Enrollment appointment

How do I request a change to my enrollment appointment?

When will I receive notification of my enrollment appointment?

  • We will email you your enrollment appointment two weeks prior to when enrollment begins for the upcoming term. You can find out your enrollment appointment by logging into your student account.

Enrolling in courses

Where can I find out how to enroll in classes?

What courses should I take?

How do I declare a major?

Criminal Record Check

Why do I need to complete a criminal record check?

  • Students admitted into a program or taking courses that involve and/or work with children or vulnerable adults are required by law to complete a criminal record check.

What is the process for completing a criminal record check?

Which courses require a criminal record check?

Can I submit my criminal record check from the RCMP?

  • No. All students must complete a CRC for an SFU course prerequisite through our Undergraduate Records department. They may not submit a copy of a CRC they've requested directly from the RCMP to the departmental advisor.

I am not located in the Lower Mainland. How do I submit my criminal record check request?

  • Our Undergraduate Records will accept a faxed criminal record check request from students living outside the Lower Mainland. Please fax your completed Criminal Record Check Consent form to 778.782.4969.

Student accounts


How can I pay my tuition?

When is tuition due?


I have a credit in my account; how do I request a refund?

When are refund cheques processed?

How can I enroll in direct deposit?

  • Log in to the Student Information System.
  • Under Finances, select Enroll in Direct Deposit. (The bank location must be in Canada.)

Tax forms

How do I obtain my T2202A tax form?

  • The T2202A form is available through your student account. Go to the Finances tab.

I received the message "You are not authorized" when I tried to print my T2202A. What does that mean?

  • You received this message because we are currently updating the T2202A. Please try again in a few days.

What is a T4A tax form?

  • If you have received a bursary, scholarship, or award from SFU, we will issue a T4A for you.

How do I obtain my T4A tax form?

  • The T4A form is available through your student account under the Finances tab. Tax data starting from the year 2009 is available online. If you require a T4A for years prior to 2009, please contact us at 778.782.6930.

Academic records

Confirmation of enrollment

How do I obtain a Confirmation of Enrollment letter?

  • If you are enrolled in courses for the current term, please log in to your student account to order a Confirmation of Enrollment (COE). On your Student Center:
    • Go to Academics
    • Find Confirmation of Enrollment in the drop-down list under "other academic ..."
  • Please allow a few minutes for the system to generate your letter.

Why can't I order a Confirmation of Enrollment for the upcoming term?

  • Confirmation of Enrollment letters can only be created once you have enrolled in at least one course for the upcoming term.

How can I obtain a Confirmation of Enrollment letter for a previous term?

Is the Confirmation of Enrollment letter generated from the online student system an official document?

  • Yes, it is an official SFU document.  The letter has embedded security features that will assist in verifying the authenticity of the document.

How long does it take to process a Confirmation of Enrollment request?

  • It usually takes two to three business days for processing.

I need more information on my letter than is generated by the online system. How do I get a custom letter?


When can I see my grades?

  • Normally, final grades are due three days after the course's final exam.

How do I get a grade changed on my student record?

  • Your professor must submit a change of grade form to the Undergraduate Records department. 

What does a DE grade mean? 

Why did my DE grade change to a F or N grade?

  • All unchanged DE notations will be converted automatically to F after the end of the first week in the following term.

Letter of Permission

What is a Letter of Permission?

  • If you wish to take courses at another institution and transfer them back to SFU, you must first submit a Letter of Permission to the Registrar’s office for approval.

Where can I get a Letter of Permission?

  • Download the Letter of Permission request form, complete it and submit it to the Registrar's office.

What are the eligibility rules for a Letter of Permission?

What happens if I have attended another institution without a Letter of Permission and would like to transfer the credits back to SFU?

  • Normally, a Letter of Permission will not be approved retroactively. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Undergraduate Records at 778.782.6930.


Who is eligible for reactivation of their student status?

How do I reactivate my student status?

How do I know if I have been successfully reactivated?

  • Undergraduate Records will contact you via email once you have been reactivated.


What is an official transcript?

  • An official transcript is a sealed copy of your academic record.  It contains your CGPA, courses taken, program information and current status.

What is an electronic transcript?

  • An electronic transcript (e-transcript) is an transcript that is sent directly from SFU to select BC post-secondary institutions electronically. It contains the same information that appears on your paper transcript. For a list of eligible institutions that accept e-transcripts, see: www.sfu.ca/students/records/transcript.html under Transcript Fees Breakdown.

What is an unofficial transcript?

  • An unofficial transcript is a copy of your academic record.  It contains your CGPA, courses taken, your program information and current status.  It is not sealed and is not considered an official document.


How do I obtain my unofficial transcript?

  • Current students and former students from 2009 onward may log in to their student account to view and print their unofficial transcripts.  Alumni will have to sign up for Alumni email forwarding in order to access their student account.  To sign up, please see: www.sfu.ca/alumni/emailforwarding.html.  Inactive or former (non-Alumni) students prior to 2009 will have to request their transcripts via urecords@sfu.ca or at one of our Registrar & Information Services counters.


How quickly are transcripts processed?

How much does a transcript cost?

Will SFU convert my GPA on my transcript for another institution?

  • SFU will not convert your GPA.

How can I order a transcript?

Is it secure to fax my credit card details for a transcript request?

  • Yes.  All faxed documents are received in a confidential workspace.

Will I receive notification that my request was processed?

  • No; however you may call us at 778.782.6930 for an update.

Who do I contact if I want to cancel my transcript request?

  • You may contact us at 778.782.6930 to cancel a transcript request.

How can I obtain my tracking number for expedited transcript requests?

  • You may contact us at 778.782.6930 to obtain your tracking number.


How can I get an Advising Transcript?


Applying for graduation

What is the deadline to apply for/cancel my graduation application?

Go to www.sfu.ca/students/deadlines.html and choose "Graduation application/cancellation."

How much is the graduation application?

  • The application fee varies depending on the type of credential you will be receiving and when you submit your application fee.
    • Early application fee for degree: $35
    • Early application fee for certificate or diploma $20
    • Final application fee for degree $85
    • Final application fee for certificate or diploma $70

Can I pay my graduation application fee at a later date?

  • Payment of your graduation application is required for processing. If payment is not received, your application will not be processed and will be cancelled.

How do I apply for graduation?

If you are an active (current) student, you can apply for graduation on the Student Information System.

I am currently an inactive student; how do I apply for graduation?

If you are not currently active and do not have access to your student account, contact the Undergraduate Records office at 778.782.6930 or email urecords@sfu.ca.

May I apply for graduation without a grad check?

  • Yes—but we strongly recommend you complete a grad check with your program advisor prior to applying and paying for your graduation application.

How do I know if I’m ready to graduate?

We strongly recommend that students entering their final term of their program contact their program advisors to complete a grad check.

How do I know if I’m approved for graduation?

  • You will receive a Senate letter confirming your graduation. Senate meets in early September, February and May, and sends graduates from the previous term a letter awarding their degrees. You can also confirm your status by checking your student account or by calling us at 778.782.6930.

Convocation ceremony

Where can I find the schedule for Convocation?

I can’t attend my ceremony; how can I receive my degree parchment?

  • Parchments are available for pickup at the Burnaby campus Registrar and Information Services (MBC 3200) a week after all ceremonies have ended. Registrar and Information Services will hold parchments for a month and will then mail them out to the home address we have for you on your student account.

Parchment replacement

How do I request a parchment replacement?

Download and complete the Parchment Replacement form and return it to a Registrar and Information Services office at any of our three campuses or fax it to 778.782.4969.

How much does it cost to replace my parchment?

  • There is a $55.00 charge for each parchment replacement request.

How long does it take to process a parchment replacement?

  • About three business days.