Community Events

SFU engages the community in a variety of events to make big data more accessible

The dramatic growth of data is fundamentally altering the ways we live and work. SFU’s Big Data Hub is equipping people with the knowledge to navigate this changing world.


Our partners work with SFU to develop and host events that connect organizations with an engaged audience. These services are tailored to your specific event. Enquire with our team to learn more on how to partner with SFU.


Types of events


The Data Visionaries Series helps to define, open up and critically examine the possibilities and impact of data in our future.

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Our workshops cover a variety of in-demand data science and artificial intelligence skills that organizations and recruiters value. Our instructors, who have decades of experience in both development and state-of-the-art research, will teach you in-demand skills, approaches, concepts and tools.

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Through hackathons, students build solutions to real-world issues, giving them valuable experience that can propel them in their future careers. Hackathons are great tools for organizations to build a bridge into the student community and gain fresh insights into their business challenges. Ready to host your own hackathon with us?


Past events

SFU's Big Data Hub works with our partners on a variety of events that engage students, the public, researchers, industry, community groups and more. Below are a few examples of past events.

Statistics Canada and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute

SFU partnered with the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute, Statistics Canada, Transport Canada and BC Ferries for a datathon, where students from across 10 Canadian universities competed to best predict delays in BC Ferries routes based on real-world data. Finalists from each region competed at SFU’s Big Data Hub where they had a chance to meet with leadership at Statistics Canada and explore potential interview opportunities for the winners. The datathon offered students a unique, collaborative experience engaging with industry.

Employment and Social Development Canada 

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) partnered with SFU and the University of British Columbia to engage computing and data science students to solve a current business issue ESDC is facing. In addition to supporting monetary prizes, winners will be considered for potential career opportunities with ESDC.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Robot Vision Conference

This conference brought together hundreds of leaders in research, industry, and government, as well as Canada's most accomplished students. Together with SFU, this conference succeeded in showcasing Canada's ingenuity, innovation and leadership in intelligent systems and advanced information and communications technology.

Past Partners