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SFU’s Big Data Hub has partnered with TELUS to provide SFU researchers access to TELUS data to solve problems that matter to Canadians. This is an invaluable tool for social impact research initiatives.

In collaboration with the TELUS Data for Good program, SFU researchers can access their privacy-first platform that works to de-identify data, combining it into large, aggregated datasets to ensure privacy, then revealing trends and patterns about how devices move around the TELUS network.

How it works

This program, which is led and managed by TELUS, includes technical, contractual, and procedural protections to ensure that strongly de-identified and aggregated network mobility data is used by authorized parties for approved purposes that are socially beneficial.

  • Internal Review: SFU researchers are reviewed by TELUS for alignment with the program qualifications and TELUS Trust Model.

  • Terms of Use: Data for Good requires strict adherence to the program agreement, which outlines the purpose for access, data retention, and prohibition on attempts to re-identify data.

  • User Training: Training will be provided by TELUS on the applicable scope of the program, privacy controls and terms of use prior to onboarding.

  • Platform Access: Upon TELUS’s approval and completion of training, SFU researchers are granted access to a controlled API for network mobility data.

  • Value: This access empowers SFU researchers to embark on innovative projects with a social impact.


Access the Data for Good platform

Leading researchers, governments, and health authorities have already used this platform for impactful work. Now SFU researchers can gain access to enable safe, responsible innovation that helps our community and society at large. Fill out the form below and a member of our team will send you more information and instructions on how to connect with TELUS for access.

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If you need data expertise to make the most of your research project, our team of experts are here to help. If you or your organization is interested in collaborating with SFU’s Big Data Hub to use this platform, email us at