5G and Smart Cities

5G can enable smart cities – but at what cost? 

Canada is racing to roll out 5G technologies nation-wide. It will enable faster mobile speeds, provide instantaneous response times with our Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and improve public safety and infrastructure by providing real-time data to cities.

As companies jockey to be the leader in implementing 5G across Canada, how will these technologies affect security, privacy and the relationship between government and technology companies?

Delaying the rollout of 5G risks putting Canada at a technological and innovation deficit, but overzealous implementation can lead to unforeseen consequences. 5G will propel smart-city technologies that improve urban and rural life – but the roadmap is still unclear.

The Data Visionaries Series 5G and Smart Cities explores the opportunities and risks of smart cities and the impact on Canadians. 

Watch the panel session from October 30, 2019

Featured Experts

Suhayya Abu-Hakima, Co-Founder, President and CEO Amika Mobile Corporation

Stéphane Gagnon, Vice-President of the Communications Research Centre Canada Applications and Performance Wireless branch University

Rodney Vaughan, Sierra Wireless Professor in Communications at Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University


Fred Popowich, Scientific Director, SFU's Big Data Hub