Data Visionaries Lunch Time Series

Supercharge your innovation by unlocking the potential of your data. Learn from industry leaders on how your organization can better integrate your data in product and service development.

Lunch time workshop

This virtual series features speakers from a wide range of industries addressing their data challenges in unique ways. In these one-hour sessions, you will learn how organizations address common data problems, how they unlock the full potential of their data, and how the ethical use of artificial intelligence enables different organizational areas to use their data in new ways.

Gain actionable knowledge

You will be provided with workbooks that incorporate tools and processes used to address specific data problems. They will include actionable insights that will allow you to see your data problems and potential solutions in a new light.

Learn from industry and experts

Each session features industry leaders and data experts who will discuss how data can address business challenges, and how you can incoporate ethical AI into the process.

Register for the upcoming Data Visionaries Session

Friday, March 22 at 12pm PT

Unlock the potential of ethical data usage at our upcoming Data Visionaries: Ethics of Data event!

In today’s data-driven world, companies and organizations now have greater access to data and associated tools, offering endless opportunities to enhance processes and services. However, with these opportunities come potential risks, particularly in sectors like healthcare, where the possibilities are vast. Join us as we explore the ethical considerations within this data-rich landscape. What responsibilities do different stakeholders bear as we navigate these opportunities? Gain valuable insights from our guest speaker, Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, CEO and Chief Medical Officer from Careteam, as we dive into the Ethics of Data and learn from real-world applications. You will come away with a better understanding of ethical issues that might be relevant for your data projects.


  • Fred Popowich, Scientific Director, SFU’s Big Data Hub 
  • Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Careteam

Upcoming workshops

We will continue to feature leaders who are harnessing their data and using it in innovative ways. We are constantly adding new speakers so stay tuned for updates. Our next speakers include:

  • Alexandra Greenhill, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Careteam
  • More to come!

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