Holding Data Hostage

Individuals, companies and organizations are generating huge amounts of data that are highly valuable and lucrative—a fact not lost on criminals and criminal organizations.

Individual Canadians have lost over $48 million to cybercrime fraud in 2019 according to the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security and Statistics Canada reported that about one-fifth of Canadian businesses were impacted by cybersecurity incidents in 2019. Cyber-related frauds in Canada skyrocketed during the pandemic, putting us all at risk for ransomware, cyberattacks and illegal data distribution. So how can you and your organizations respond?

As part of the Data Visionaries series, SFU’s Big Data Hub is bringing together a panel of experts who will be discussing issues around big data and cybersecurity. The panel will discuss trends in ransomware and cybersecurity, how it is evolving, and what you can do about it.

Watch the panel session from November 24, 2021

Featured experts

Uwe Glässer, professor of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University.

Michèle Mullen, Director General of Partnerships and Risk Mitigation, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

Sean Weiss, SE Manager – Public Sector (CISSP, CCSP, CEH, NSE1-7), Fortinet Canada


Fred Popowich, Scientific Director, SFU's Big Data Hub