Meet CERi's co-op students: Grey Nguyen and Steven Ta

November 21, 2022

Join two members of the CERi team Steven Ta and Grey Nguyen in a video detailing their daily experiences at SFU CERi. From interviewing community-engaged researchers to making designs for social media, the CERi co-op experience is well-documented in this short video.

Grey Nguyen, Event Specialist Co-op

Grey Nguyen is an Event Specialist at SFU’s Community-Engaged Research Initiative (CERi). As a fourth-year student majoring in Communication and minoring in Business, she joins the team as a co-op student who has adequate experience in event management, including program planning and fundraising. Grey’s interests and concerns mainly lie in the development of youth as social change agents and the influence of media technology on social issues.

Steven Ta, Event Specialist Co-op

Steven is one of the co-op Event Specialists at CERi. Steven is an undergraduate student at the School of Communication at SFU. A Vancouver native, he comes to CERi with interest in Community-Engaged Research stemming from issues such as gentrification. Through his studies, he has developed a passion for understanding the ways discourse and media shape public perceptions.