Whose Knowledge Is It?

August 28, 2020

How are community centred research practices unfolding at Simon Fraser University? Recently, Shawn Smith, RADIUS co-founder and director, Dara Kelly, Indigenous Business assistant professor, CERi co-directors, Stuart R. Poyntz and Am Johal and Stephen Dooley, SFU Surrey campus executive director, co-authored an article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The article, titled Whose Knowledge Is It?, explores the ways in which SFU aims to raise the profile of community-engaged research (CER) within the university and beyond.

“At the broadest level, CER is a critical approach to knowledge generation where theory and academic knowledge are woven to and incorporated with the world in collaboration with communities in order to understand, analyze, and reimagine the conditions governing our lives,” assert the authors.

In this article, uncover the robust practice of engaged research taking place including the Our Community, Our Voice study and the Active Community Engagement Model, Indigenous business theory’s repositioning of Indigenous research methodologies and social innovation labs bridging community and university.

Read the full article here.

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