Lyana Patrick on Decolonial Planning and Community Health for Below the Radar

November 10, 2020

Community-engaged scholar and filmmaker Lyana Patrick approaches her work by combining her interdisciplinary background with her lived experience. Through this unique approach, Lyana’s work aims to address ongoing colonial impacts of governance and urban planning on Indigenous community health.

Recently, Patrick spoke with Am Johal, host of the Below the Radar podcast, about how an Indigenous approach to community-building can positively impact the health and wellness of communities. Patrick also address the importance of relationships and reciprocity in filmmaking and telling community stories, making the distinction to tell stories with communities, not simply about them.

Patrick has worked as an education specialist for over two decades, developing curriculum, managing education programs and evaluating Indigenous health and education initiatives. She has also worked as a community planner, most recently for the City of Vancouver helping design community engagement for a municipal poverty reduction strategy.

In September, Patrick joined CERi as a Researcher-in-Residence. CERi’s Researcher-in-Residence program support and promote SFU faculty members whose research involves the spectrum of CER methods.

Listen to the full episode:

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