Community-Engaged Research Funding Program

CERi's Community-Engaged Research Funding Program offers grants for SFU faculty and graduate students to conduct research and art projects that address the needs of community partners. It aims to develop students' research skills and foster professional relationships while contributing to partner organizations' research. Open to faculty and registered graduate students across all disciplines at SFU, eligibility includes those actively practicing or incorporating Community-Engaged Research (CER) methods.

Researcher-in-Residence Program

CERi’s Researcher-in-Residence program supports and promotes SFU faculty members actively practicing community-engaged research or whose research involves CER methods. The purpose of the program is to facilitate opportunities for faculty to share their research activities and encourage meaningful engagement across the SFU Community. During residencies, CERi will promote and profile researchers’ work by communicating internally and externally about current research programs.



SFU's Community-Engaged Research Initiative (CERi) offers awards to recognize outstanding community-engaged research. Categories include:

  1. Emerging Community-Engaged Researcher Award
  2. Community-Engaged Research Achievement Award
  3. Community-Engaged Graduate Scholar Award
  4. Community-Engaged Research Partner Award

Graduate students are eligible for the Community-Engaged Graduate Scholar Award. Open to current SFU graduate students (Master’s or PhD level) or recent graduates within the past year of nomination.