Community Partners

We believe the university must be accountable to communities. We commit to long-term mutually beneficial relationships that centre transparency in the co-creation of knowledge.

312 Main

312 Main was the longtime headquarters of the Vancouver Police Department and has been transformed into a community-centred hub that fosters collaboration and innovation among organizations, artists, and entrepreneurs. 312 Main is a centre for social and economic innovation, located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition (BCPRC) is an alliance of over 400 organizations in BC that have come together to raise awareness about poverty and inequality, and improve the health and well-being of all British Columbians.

Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative Society

Improving habitability, safety and housing security in single room occupancy hotels. The SRO Collaborative was established to organize SRO tenants in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and Chinatown.

Karen Jamieson Dance

Karen Jamieson’s vision is to reveal the power of dance as an art form with potential to transform, engage, captivate, heal, and to impart knowledge available only to the dancing body; believing the power of contemporary dance transcends cultures, languages, histories and traditions by connecting us all at a very primal level.

Solid State

Solid State establishes and nurtures co-operative enterprises. Each of these co-operatives takes its own trajectory, eventually becoming semi-autonomous as part of the Solid State network.