Introductory Resources for Community-Engaged Research (CER)

This collection of resources is aimed at supporting community members, SFU faculty and students in developing interdisciplinary knowledge and research skills that can respond to community needs and benefit communities involved in research.

We invite you to explore 14 introductory resources and for a deeper dive, check out topic-specific resources at the bottom of the page. We strive to only feature paywall-free content.


Community Resource Handbook 2021: A Guide to Community Engaged Research

Open access handbook.
Authors: Mahoney, T., Grain, K., Fraser, P., Wong, J. (2021).

First Nations Ethics Guide on Research and Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge

Open access guide.
Source: Assembly of First Nations

Research 101: A Manifesto for Ethical Research in the Downtown Eastside

Open access manifesto.
Authors: Boilevin, L., Chapman, J., Deane, L., Doerksen, C., Fresz, G., Joe, D., Leech-Crier, N., Marsh, S., McLeod, J., Neufeld, S., Pham, S., Shaver, L., Smith, P., Steward, M., Wilson, D., & Winter, P. (2019).

Research 102

Open access manifesto.
Authors: Alook, E. A., Bambrick, S., Beausoliel, C., Cardinal, K., Copley, T., Chen, C., Danyluk, L., Fafard, M., Hawryluk, C., Joseph, E., Kafara, R., Kakolak, B., Kaiser, R., Kennedy, N., MacDonald, M., Mackenzie, D., Mah, K., Mckie, A., Morris, L., Mulyk, J., Neis, B., Osman, A., Pereira, R., Pruden, D., Puddu, C., Quinn, B., Savidov, M., Siek, M., Twan, S., Vaughan, M., Woodruff, D., and Worm, H. (2020).


Engaging Community in HIV Research — with Angela Kaida

Open access podcast. 
Source: Below the Radar.

Critical Hope — with Kari Grain

Open access podcast.
Source: Below the Radar.


Community-Based Research Modules

Open access video series and teaching resources.
Source: Trent University


Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Toolkit

Open access toolkit.
Source: Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health

Creative Knowledge Translation: Ideas and Resources

Open access toolkit.
Source: Alberta Addiction & Mental Health Research Partnership Program

CER Ethical Principles

Open access toolkit.
Source: SFU Community-Engaged Research Initiative (CERi)

Making Research Accessible (MRAi)

Open access toolkit.
Source: UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Explore a range of CER resource topics:

Navigate through the topics below to view our living library of resources related to community-engaged research (CER) topics. If you have questions or comments about the resources included here, or would like to request that your work be included, please contact the Communications Specialist for SFU CERi.