Introducing CERi's Fall 2020 Faculty-Student Research Projects

September 22, 2020

This fall, CERi is excited to announce the second cohort of participants in the Faculty-Student Research Program.

There are a total of 10 research projects that are being funded through the program reflecting a rich diversity of collaborations between SFU faculty or graduate students and their respective community partners.

Participants from within the university stem from seven different departments or faculties including Urban Studies, Health Sciences, Gerontology, Linguistics and the School of Resource and Environment.

They are working with community partners from the Greater Vancouver region as well as remoted communities in British Columbia. Areas of research include the health concerns of older adults living with HIV, sustainable management of salmon fisheries in the Koeye River of the Central Coast of BC, and creating the tools to teach Xaad Kil, a critically endangered First Nations language traditionally spoken in Haida Gawaii, to younger generations.

The program provides SFU students and faculty with a $5,000 grant to support their community-engaged research. The grant is intended for research completed during one academic term. To qualify, eligible applicants must demonstrate a working relationship with a community partner and indicate how the research would benefit or positively impact the community.

To learn more about the Fall 2020 participants, visit

The next round of applications will open October 5, 2020.

Explore the Projects

Want to learn more about a project? Visit the project profiles page.

Project Title: Negotiating Meaning in X̱aad Kíl (Northern Haida) ConversationSFU

Research Lead: Kelli Lynn Finney, PhD Candidate, Department of Linguistics

Community Partner Organization: Xaadaas Kil Kuyaas Foundation (XKKF)

Project Title: Eng/aging and HIV: Knowledge Exchange Between Administrative Data Study and Older Adults Living with HIV in British Columbia

SFU Research Lead: Kathleen Inglis, Mitacs Postdoctoral Fellow

Community Partner Organization: BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Project Title: MindMap: A Database of Low-barrier and LGBTQ2-affirming Outpatient Mental Health Services

SFU Research Lead: Travis Salway, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

Community Partner Organization: The Community-Based Research Centre

Project Title: Koeye Salmon Ecosystem Project

SFU Research Lead: Jonathan Moore, Professor, Aquatic Ecology & Conservation

Community Partner Organization: Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD)

Project Title: DTES Tech Ambassador Capacity Building for Virtual Tech Cafes

SFU Research Lead: Jennifer Reddy, Associate Director, Leadership & Community Building

Community Partner Organizations: SFU Lifelong Learning, Leadership and Community Building, UBC Learning ExchangeDTES Literacy Roundtable

Project Title: South Vancouver Neighbourhood House: Equity in Neighbourhood Expenditures Evaluation

SFU Research Lead: Meg Holden, Director and Professor, Urban Studies Program

Community Partner Organization: South Vancouver Neighbourhood House

Project Title: Sustainable Business Adaptation during COVID-19

SFU Research Lead: Tammara Soma, Assistant Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management

Community Partner Organization: National Zero Waste Council, BC

Project Title: IntergeNS Project: Intergenerational Programs and Opportunities on the North Shore

SFU Research Lead: Habib Chaudhury, Professor and Chair, Department of Gerontology

Community Partner Organization: North Shore Community Resources Society

Project Title: Supporting advocates supporting new bicyclists during COVID-19 

SFU Research Lead: Stephanie Sersli, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Health Sciences

Community Partner Organization: HUB Cycling

Project Title: TaiChi Shan: Building Immunity through Community

SFU Research Lead: Shanny Chuah, PhD Candidate, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies (GSWS)

Community Partner Organization: Tristar Taichi International Association

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