Our values aim to strengthen the capacity of SFU to engage respectfully, equitably, and meaningfully with community members and uphold their expertise and wisdom with care, humility and intentionality. These values inform our operations, program design, partnerships, and research aims as we work towards serving communities with diverse needs.
  • Social transformation: Community-engaged research must amplify voices that challenge the status quo, prioritize community needs and enact positive social change.

  • Relationships: Respectful relationships with humans and the more than human world means recognizing our interconnectedness and striving for reciprocity in all our endeavors.

  • Support of Indigenous-led Research: Indigenous ways of knowing and decolonizing practices must have an integral place in research agendas.

  • Respect for Lived and Living Experience: Rigorous research has room for many different forms of expertise.

  • Equal partnership: Community partners should be recognized as experts in their fields and co-leaders in the research processes.

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Practicing anti-racism and ensuring the voices of those who experience systemic injustice are heard and respected is at the centre of our work.

  • Community Wellness, Care, and Solidarity: Health, rest and wellness must work in partnership with justice driven work and be a cornerstone of our work with collaborators.

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Join us at CERi to embrace a multifaceted approach to community engagement. As faculty members, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate on research, access training and consultation, pursue grants, and foster community connections. Together, let's amplify our scholarly impact and create lasting change.
Discover how CERi serves the community with comprehensive research services tailored to your needs. From literature reviews to program evaluation, our offerings are designed in collaboration with you. Engage with us for consultation and collaborative research partnerships that empower our community's growth and well-being.
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