Realizing the Promise of Disaggregated Data and Analytics for Social Justice Through Community Engagement and Intersectoral Research Partnerships

May 02, 2023

A recently published essay in The Engaged Scholar Journal offers critical reflections from a national Roundtable discussion regarding how meaningful community engagement within academia–community–government research collaborations offers the opportunity to harness disaggregated data and advanced analytics to centre and address the priorities of equity-deserving and sovereignty-seeking groups. It was co-authored by Dr. Angela Kaida, Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health, CERi Co-Director Am Johal and 25 researchers from universities, communities and institutions across BC and Canada.

“Canada needs an effective pathway for grassroots and social justice organizations to access the power and promise of advanced data analytics to address social justice challenges. Creating new avenues for academia–community–government collaborations to identify research priorities, collect, access, analyze, and visualize disaggregated data, and engage in training offers opportunities to harness advanced analytics to address the priorities of equity-deserving and sovereignty-seeking groups.”

Read the full article here.

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