What is “Radical Democracy” Anyway?

May 08, 2023

In collaboration with Participedia, SFU CERi is hosting a summer school at SFU’s Vancouver campus. The theme for the summer school is radical democracy, but what exactly is radical democracy? Research Assistant Etienne Cardin-Trudeau has recently participated in a Q&A session exploring that very question. Etienne has been working with the Participedia/SFU planning team including Joanna Ashworth, Stuart Poyntz, Tara Mahoney at Simon Fraser University’s CERi and Jesi Carson, Participedia’s Design Technology Lead.

“If Demos means people, and if Kratos means power, then what does it mean for the people to have power? Radical democracy proposes to examine both terms and redefine them in a way that both renders more porous the boundaries of the people and articulates different understandings of its power; how it materializes and can be grown, fostered and, to a certain extent, legitimately constrained.”

In this Q&A, explore how radical democracy is relevant today and take a glimpse at some of the ideas and concepts that will be covered by Participedia-CERi Summer School.

Read the full article here.

To learn more and/or register for the Participedia-CERi Summer School 2023, click here.

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