Notable Alumni

Amarachi Nnah-Ogbonda

BA Economics and Business, 2014

Amarachi is from Nigeria where she was a top student. She was awarded a scholarship from her Nigerian State Government to pursue a higher education degree in Canada. Amarachi came to Canada in 2010 to study at the Fraser International College (FIC) at SFU.

In addition to achieving excellent grades at FIC, Amarachi became an FIC peer educator. During her first semester at FIC, she made friends with second-year international students that helped her adjust to Canada. In her third semester at FIC, Amarachi joined the peer education program so that she could help other students in the same way. As a peer educator, she helped students in academic difficulties and supported them as a peer. In the same year, Amarachi was promoted to a Peer Education Program Supervisor.

In September 2011, Amarachi transferred from FIC to SFU. Before she left FIC, she was given four awards for her significant contributions. She was awarded the Academic Excellence Award for being the top overall student in her program, Top Graduating Student Award for being the best graduating student of her graduating set, the Faculty Award of Excellence and the Student Initiative Award which recognize her contributions to student life as well as her academic achievements. She continued to make an impact at the Fraser International College by mentoring international students until Spring of 2014.

Amarachi’s original goal was to study economics but she decided to do a joint major in Business and Economics. She took classes in entrepreneurship and innovation. In BUS 361, project management, she led a team of other business students to create an event for Grace Multicultural Society. The goal of this event was to provide career-related advice to an audience of African-Caribbean immigrants. In the span of 13 weeks, her team planned and executed a two hour event that brought labour-market specialist and new immigrants together to discuss career challenges. Her professor suggested that her team should think about how to expand their project into a long-term initiative. They decided to create the Career Development Department at the Grace Multicultural Society to continue to help new immigrants.

Last updated August 31, 2015