SFU Experimental Economics Lab

Experimental Economics Lab

The SFU Experimental Economics Lab is used to conduct economics experiments.  Economists use experiments to study how real people make real decisions in controlled decisions environments that are difficult to produce outside of a “lab”.

If you’re an SFU student we highly encourage you to participate in economics experiments -- you will be paid based on the decisions you make and for your participation.  It’s a great way to earn spending money while helping research at SFU!  No knowledge of economics is necessary!  Sign up to the recruitment database  to be invited to participate in economics experiments.


  • Experiments take place in WMC 2653 (unless otherwise noted when you sign up).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do economists run lab experiments?

Economists use experiments to understand how real people make decisions in controlled circumstances that are difficult to achieve in natural settings.

What is it like to participate in an economics?

You will be asked to make one or more rounds of decisions.  There are no right or wrong decisions, but you will be paid based on the decisions that you make.  Before an experiment begins, the experimenter will explain how you make decisions and how your monetary payment will result from them.

How much will I be paid for participating in an experiment?

Total compensation depends on the experiment, on your decisions (and possibly those of other participants), and possibly an element of risk.

Payments will be on top of a minimum “participation payment” of $7 just for arriving on time and participating in an experiment.

Can I participate in economics experiments at SFU?

Yes – any SFU student is eligible to sign-up to the SFU Experimental Economics Lab recruitment system , which allows you to sign up to participate in economics experiments. 

Sign-up by making an account here

Where is the SFU experimental economics lab located?

WMC 2653 (in West Mall Centre on the Burnaby campus). See Map

Some experiments use a nearby classroom instead; if this is the case, it will be indicated when you sign up for the experiment.


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