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One of Canada's top economics departments

The dynamic teaching and learning environment of the Simon Fraser University Department of Economics brims with talent, creativity, and global connections. SFU economists develop the tools to think systematically about the world.

The Department of Economics at Simon Fraser University is one of the top economics departments in Canada. Our world-class faculty consistently produce high-quality research published in top economics journals. 

Our undergraduate programs are taught by renowned research professors, and students in our graduate programs are challenged to reach their full academic potential.

A leader in sustainability

SFU Economics is among the early adopters of sustainable office practices. We have undertaken a number of measures to promote sustainable behaviours, such as installing light occupancy sensors, low-flow taps, and we are in the process of developing an on-boarding sustainability course for new employees to promote sustainability awareness and habits. We are also the first office in Burnaby to re-certify and improve our ranking from Bronze to Silver.

Award-winning faculty

The Department boasts an impressive faculty with numberous teaching and research awards. Their research interests are richly diverse, but they share a passion for quality research output and teaching. Our faculty have been recognized for research productivity in the top five economics journals within the last five years.

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Why study Economics?

Economics studies human behaviour in a broad range of contexts, from how individuals and businesses make decisions to large-scale societal challenges such as how to fight poverty and unemployment.

Studying economics provides you with a framework for thinking systematically about these issues, and developing quantitative skills that will help you understand data.