Master's (MA)

The Economics MA program provides training in a wide range of theoretical, empirical, and policy-relevant fields. It is designed to prepare students for a career in the public or the private sector, or to pursue further studies in a PhD program. The program is offered on a full-time basis and can be completed in one year.


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MA Placements

Many of our MA program graduates have gone on to join PhD programs in prestigious institutions worldwide, and secure employment opportunities across a variety of industries. 

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Program requirements

To ensure you are on track towards completion, please refer to the SFU Academic Calendar for the complete most up-to-date MA program requirements. 

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Program guidelines and satisfactory progress

To remain in good academic standing, MA students are required to make satisfactory progress by following the MA Satisfactory Progress Guidelines set by the department.

Students who fail to make satisfactory progress are normally required to withdraw from the program. In addition to the departmental guidelines, SFU requires that all graduate students maintain a minimum 3.0 CGPA.

Co-operative education

Co-operative education (Co-op) is an optional university program which provides work experience to complement our MA program. Students in good standing, with a minimum 3.0 CGPA, may apply for Co-op. The Co-op program consists of one or two work terms. Applications are made through the Arts and Social Sciences Co-op Coordinator during the first term of study.

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Before the end of the Spring term, students who satisfy all following criteria:

  • Excellent academic performance (minimum 3.50 GPA at the end of the Spring term)
  • Clearly identified research plan or proposal
  • Written consent by a faculty member willing to serve as senior supervisor on the proposed research

may apply to the Graduate Program Chair to switch from the default MA Course Option to one of the following:     

  • MA Project Option 
  • MA Thesis Option

Students admitted in the MA Project Option are required to take one graduate elective course in the Summer term and enroll in ECON 999 (instead of ECON 899) in the Summer and Fall terms (the 3rd and 4th terms of the program). The MA Project must be completed and defended by the end of the student’s fourth term in the program (normally Fall).

Students admitted in the MA Thesis Option are required to enroll in ECON 991 (instead of ECON 899) in their 3rd, 4th and 5th term (normally, Summer, Fall and Spring). No additional electives are required. The MA Thesis must be completed and defended by the end of the student’s 5th term in the program (normally Spring).

Department guidelines for graduate directed readings classes


  • All student requests for graduate directed readings classes are subject to approval by the Graduate Chair.
  • The Graduate Chair will consider the student's academic progress, research field and needs, and the enrollment in the regular graduate elective classes (ECON 8xx and 9xx) offered in that term.
  • Priority will be given to requests by second- or third-year PhD students who intend to embark on related research with the respective professor.
  • No more than one directed readings class would normally be counted toward satisfying the “minimum four graduate electives” PhD program requirement.
  • Directed readings requests by MA students will normally be approved only in special circumstances and after consultation with the respective faculty member.


1. The student should submit the following five (5) working days before the first day of classes of the term in which the proposed directed readings course would be taken: 

a. Completed form signed by the faculty member who will teach the course

b. Reading list 

Please send the completed form and list to the Graduate Program Assistant at Requests received after the deadline will not be accepted but can be re-submitted in the following term.

2. The Graduate Chair will review all requests submitted before the deadline and approve or deny them before the start of the term, following the guidelines stated above.