Top three in Canada for research productivity

The Department of Economics at Simon Fraser University is consistently ranked among the top three in Canada for research productivity. Our faculty and students have produced numerous publications, with a strong focus on the top five economics journals. Our researchers work on the leading edge of economics research and they specialize in a variety of impactful and interesting subjects across the field of economics.

Student research opportunities

We work with our faculty to generate as many research opportunities as possible, including undergraduate research assistanceships when possible.


Seminars and lectures 

We believe in fostering a rich and vibrant research culture — Throughout the year, faculty and leading international researchers are invited to share their work and foster discussions as part of our series of seminars/lectures. 


Experimental Economics Lab 

Participate in an economics experiment—you will be paid based on the decisions you make and for your participation. No knowledge of economics is necessary. 


Working papers series

One way to view some of our faculty's up-and-coming work is through working papers, which are preliminary papers that are released to share ideas and elicit feedback before submission to an academic journal.