Peter Kennedy Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Economics

The Peter Kennedy Memorial Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Economics valued at a minimum of $7,000 per year for up to four years, will provide financial support to one or more doctoral students who demonstrate academic excellence and promise of outstanding achievement with particular emphasis on intellectual ability, originality and ability in research and the potential for significant contribution to the field of economics.

2023 - Mahsa Ghahremani

In Fall 2023, Mahsa started her academic journey with SFU Economics, eager to advance her studies in one of Canada's leading PhD economics programs. With over 6 years of research experience, Mahsa's keen interest in environmental and energy economics is reflected in her two papers published in economics journals. At SFU, she's keen to deepen her understanding of economic theories while persistently exploring climate change and environmental economics.



2022 - P. Marie Zagre

P. Marie Zagre joined SFU in the fall semester of 2021 for her master's degree. At first, she was interested in macroeconomics and applied econometrics. Her interest in econometrics stems from her love of programming and data. She loves the demanding challenges she faces when she has to program an algorithm, and the intellectual stimulation this provides. She has always liked the academic environment and takes pleasure in learning new things.

In 2022 Zagre started started her doctorate at SFU. Her field of interest has changed - while she still has an interest in macroeconomics, she has also developed an interest in behavioral and experimental economics, in short, a more microeconomic side.

In her free time Zagre swims, plays the piano and loves to read.



2021 - Samuel Basoah

After graduating from the University of Ghana, Samuel Basoah joined the master's in economics program at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 2019. Eager to expand his knowledge in economics and further his education, Samuel moved on to pursue his PhD with SFU Economics after completing the MA program with distinction within a year. His areas of specialization are macroeconomics (experimental and computational), applied-micro-econometrics, monetary, labor, and international finance. He is also interested in the economics of space particularly how the cryptocurrency market affects space exploration, and how countries can attain sustainable debt. 

In Memoriam

Peter Kennedy 

The late Professor Emeritus Peter Kennedy was an accomplished scholar who taught at SFU's Department of Economics for 40 years and retired in 2008. He was a passionate teacher who received numerous teaching awards. In 1987 he received a 3M National Teaching Fellowship for teaching excellence at the university level, one of only a few SFU professors to have received this prestigious award. He was also an inaugural recipient of the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award in 1983.