Job market candidates

SFU Economics is pleased to introduce the following job market candidates for your consideration.

Anil Donmez  
CV (Academic)   CV (Non-academic)

Primary research interests: Applied econometrics, learning and adaptation, computational economics, empirical corporate finance 
Secondary research interests: Cryptocurrency economics, experimental economics, machine learning 
Thesis: Individual Evolutionary Learning and Zero-Intelligence in the Continuous Double Auction
Supervisor: Alexander Karaivanov, Department of Economics
Committee members: Jasmina Arifovic, Department of Economics and Deniz Anginer, Beedie School of Business


Liang Diao   CV

Research fields: Applied microeconomics, economic history, property rights 
Thesis: Collective Defense by Common Property Arrangements: The Rise and Fall of the Kibbutz
Supervisor: Douglas Allen
Committee member: Gregory Dow


Xiaolin Sun  

Research fields: Econometrics, applied econometrics
Thesis: Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Using a Conditional Moment Based Approach
Supervisor: Bertille Antoine