Job market candidates

SFU Economics is pleased to introduce the following job market candidates for your consideration.

Marieh Azizirad  

Primary research interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
Secondary research interests: Applied Time-series, Applied Search and Matching Theory, Experimental Economics
Thesis: Fisher vs Keynes: Does an Interest Rate Hike Cause Inflation to Increase or Decrease?
PhD Supervisor: Lucas Herrenbrueck
PhD Committee members: Bertille Antoine, Luba Petersen


Liang Diao  

Research fields: Applied microeconomics, economic history, property rights 
Thesis: Collective Defense by Common Property Arrangements: The Rise and Fall of the Kibbutz
Supervisor: Douglas Allen
Committee member: Gregory Dow


Minoru Higa  

Primary research interests: Environmental, Labor, Development, and Urban Economics
Job Market Papter: Traffic Congestion and Labor Supply: Evidence from Smartphone data.
PhD Supervisory Committee: Fernando Aragon, Hendrik Wolff & Kevin Schnepel

Wenqian Sun  

Primary research interests: Econometrics, Macroeconometrics
Thesis: Simulation-based estimation with many auxiliary statistics applied to long-run dynamic analysis
PhD Supervisor: Bertille Antoine

Boxi Yang  

Primary research interests: Applied econometrics, labour economics, development economics
Thesis: The Second Sex in the Family: the Effect of Family Size and Sibling Structure on Gender Role Attitudes
PhD Supervisor: Chris Bidner
PhD Committee member: Fernando Aragon Sanchez


Shelly Fei Yu  

Primary research interests: Applied econometrics, Environmental economics, Urban and transportation economics
Thesis: Economics of bikes: the effects of bike infrastructure on bike ridership, public transportation, and air quality
PhD Supervisor: Hendrik Wolff

recent placements (2021 - 2022)

Anil Donmez The Brattle Group (Associate) 
Xiaolin Sun Monash University (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Shirleen Manzur Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (Researcher)

SFU Economics has had a 100% placement rate for our outgoing PhD graduates. Almost 200 graduates have gone on to teach in universities all over the world; serve as advisors or officials in provincial, state, and national governments; or are employed in a variety of roles in the private sector.

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