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 Why Choose Econ?

Economics offers a bridge between disciplines. Our program teaches advanced statistical tools that can be applied in a wide range of settings, from business and finance to government policies to environmental problems like climate change. Economists use their knowledge of trends to predict the future. 

  • Finance and banking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data science
  • Economist
  • Public policy and analysis
  • Policy consultation and advising
  • Health and social welfare
  • Environmental organizations
  • Education and educational policy

Make your degree work for you! 

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree you have to complete 120 units. But you have choice about how to design your degree within that structure.  Common options for our students include:

  • Economics major
  • Economics major/minor in another subject (popular minors include business and statistics)
  • Joint major (economics and business or political science)
  • Honours program
  • Double minor in economics and another subject 
  • Major in another subject/minor in economics
  • Learn advanced analytical and statistical skills
  • Master statistical software like R 
  • Analyse data and draw meaningful insights for data-driven decision-making 
  • Navigate economic trends and market fluctuations
  • Undertake empirical research and use modelling techniques
  • Get insights into market dynamics, consumer behaviour and economic factors that influence business success
  • Understand individual decision making and incentives
  • Use mathematical models and concepts to understand and predict behaviour
  • Prepare for further studies in a range of fields such as economics, finance, accounting, data science, policy and law

Why Study Economics?

Studying economics provides you with a framework for thinking systematically about issues like how individuals, businesses and governments make decisions. Economics teaches quantitative skills that will help you understand data and make sense of the world you live in.

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