Notable Alumni

Lawrence Yeo

CEO of AsiaBiz Strategy Pte Ltd, International Advisor for the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Export Expert of Switzerland Global Enterprise

BA Economics, 1994

Lawrence Yeo (BA 1994) is an international success as the CEO of AsiaBiz Strategy Pte Ltd, a Singapore based management consulting firm. He was challenged by SFU Economics to think across disciplines and has used these skills to expand his international company.

Yeo chose to attend SFU pursuing a BA degree in Economics due to “its competitive advantage in offering comprehensive and rigorous programs, strong mix of international student composition and competitive price point”. Yeo describes how he absorbed the academic content which helped build a stronger foundation for his future education and career. “They [professors] encouraged us to question everything” said Lawrence as he went onto clarify, “I’ve learnt to question and analyze business issues from a variety of disciplines, for no one single discipline monopolizes perspectives nor provides the magic ‘silver bullet’ solutions”.

As the CEO of AsiaBIZ Strategy Pte Ltd, Yeo works with global corporate clients, spanning the biggest countries in Asia. His firm consults in varied business and marketing strategies, partner evaluation, mergers and acquisitions due diligence, financial analysis, valuation and private equity financing.  AsiaBIZ has recently diversified into media and entertainment financing.

Yeo holds many prestigious appointments such as being as International Advisor for the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry and as Export Expert of Switzerland Global Enterprise, often advising companies’ part of the Board on business strategies.

Last updated August 31, 2016