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SFU Economics offers free drop-in workshops to support student learning

January 27, 2021

Starting Spring 2021, the Department of Economics is launching a new student learning initiative by offering free daily drop-in workshops to support students with their academic writing and technical skills. 

Curriculum development coordinator Sepideh Fotovatian says the Department acknowledges the challenges faced by students and wants to do more to remedy that, "The pandemic-forced transition to remote instruction stretched many conventions, moving us to a space of adapting and readapting."  

For the Department of Economics, part of that adaptation involves providing additional support to students in the form of drop-in workshops. This pilot initiative is open to all students enrolled in an Economics course, regardless of their major and academic program.

There are currently two types of workshop offerings—the Technical Workshop provides support with Microsoft Excel, econometrics, and the programming language R while students can join the Writing Workshop for feedback and advice on their writing assignments. Teaching assistants will be available to meet with students online during drop-in hours which include evenings, so that students located in different timezones across the world are also able to access this free support service. 

To learn more about the drop-in workshops, visit: www.sfu.ca/economics/undergraduate/workshops.html