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Convocation Profile: Soraya Janus, MA Criminology

October 04, 2018

From SFU News...

By Emma Keeler-Dugas

Soraya Janus understands what vulnerable victims and witnesses face in the Canadian criminal justice system.

Her new master’s degree in criminology was influenced by her own history as both an advocate and a vulnerable witness.

When Janus was 11 years old, she witnessed a horrific sexual assault in the city of Delta and was abruptly introduced to the criminal justice system. As a witness, she had to re-live the traumatic experience many times during the justice process.

“I was a vulnerable witness who at times felt unheard and extremely overwhelmed,” says Janus. “This introduction to the criminal justice system ignited my passion and enthusiasm for law.”

This passion became more victim-centered after she began her undergraduate studies in criminology at SFU and became a volunteer with Delta Police Victim Services. Between her studies and a full-time job, she still found time to log more than 1,300 volunteer hours with Victim Services over the past five years.

“I spend time listening, offering emotional support, and providing court support through orientation and accompanying victims who require additional aids,” says Janus. “Though this opportunity has been enriching, it highlights a demographic of people who appear to be forgotten.”