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Life is full of questions. Come to SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) to ask and explore them.

Want to find out what courses you can study to explore your questions? Curious to meet who your instructors will be? Would you like to hear from current students and alumni of our programs? Explore these (and more!) below...

Nurture your interest in cultural intelligence by studying Intro to Indigenous Studies, Intro to Labour Studies, Gender Talk, and much more.

Create an inclusive society

Cultivate your interest in language and culture in courses such as Global History from the Revolutionary Age to Present, Politics of Prosperity and Inequality, and more. 

Become a global citizen

Realize your political potential! Study Intro to Politics and Government, Economics and Government, Moral Problems, Feminist Action, and more.

Put your potential into action

Question your beliefs. Learn how in these courses: Exploring the Mind, Knowledge and Reality, and Critical Thinking.

Free your mind

Learn about the past in courses such as Intro to Logic and Reasoning, Science, Policy and Innovation, and Many Europes: Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern.

Build a better future

Ready to start asking questions?

We address these topics in our 23 undergraduate departments and programs and 1,200 courses. Our instructors are experts in their fields, here to empower you with the knowledge to help you shape your own meaningful journey. 

Explore your future

What is FASS?

  • The largest faculty at SFU. We offer 23 undergraduate departments, schools and programs and 1,200 courses. 
  • A fascinating mix of study areas. While fields in the arts and social sciences are distinct, they often overlap and complement each other. 
  • A world of possibilities. Explore your interests and discover new passions with no limitations.
  • A pathway to success in life. We believe that interdisciplinary study prepares you for the complexities of life beyond university.

Why study in FASS?

From gender studies to history to political science to psychology to sociology and beyond, FASS gives students access to the education and tools you desire to answer your questions.

Choose FASS to provide grounding and confidence in your decision making, daily lives, career choices, and future.

Below are four of our most popular and sought-after areas of study at FASS. For even more, visit our YouTube page.

What is FASS?

Why study in FASS?





What do students have to say about FASS?

Our students are change-makers. They say that they've sharpened their critical thinking and came out of our programs more resilient, and equipped for their dream careers and lives. Here are some stories you can read to learn about their experiences first hand.

Start shaping your future now.

Immerse yourself in the study of arts and social sciences to develop your intellectual and introspective side. Become empowered to understand the complexities of life. Shape your future by asking your questions at SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 

FASS has diverse areas of study for you.

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