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SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) educates the thinkers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

By the time our students graduate, they have the capacity to understand and analyze complex information and build a rigorous understanding of global issues; well-prepared for careers in law, medicine, science, teaching, government, literature, writing, journalism, law enforcement, public policy and academic research.

Why study arts and social sciences at SFU?

Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is the largest and most diverse faculty at SFU.

  • Expert instruction: Our students benefit from working closely with active research faculty members currently working in their fields.
  • Tailored studies: Our robust degree options bring flexibility and interdisciplinarity to your degree.
  • Empowering futures: FASS develops engaged and informed citizens who pursue careers that excite them.

What do you want to learn?

Are you interested in history or languages? Politics or the economy? Perhaps you'd like to read more literature, understand philosophy, or gain a deeper knowledge of Indigenous peoples. You can learn all of these and much more at FASS.

These topics are part of FASS's 25 undergraduate departments and programs. Take a look at all that you can choose to learn at FASS on our departments and programs page. An exciting point is that you can not only major or minor in these areas, you can combine them to suit your preferences now and shape them as you grow in your studies.

Explore FASS departments

Learn more about our departments and programs.


Need help deciding?

FASS E-Library

Explore what FASS has to offer! The FASS E-Library is a collection of pre-recorded mock lectures so you can get a taste of the variety of topics we teach.


We made a series of videos that explain the many areas of study that you can pursue at FASS.

Indigenous Studies. Psychology. Economics. Criminology. Linguistics. Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. These are just a few of the great videos that you should check out!  

We're here to help you.

In addition to choosing your area(s) of study, you may be wondering about what your day to day life will be like at SFU and FASS. Don't worry—we've got you!


Connect with Kaitlan to learn more and get answers to all your FASS related questions!


Coordinator, Student Recruitment, Community Outreach & Engagement
(778) 239-7910
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Your FASS Student Engagement Staff, Ana and Delany,are here to answer your questions and help you out. You can find them in Arts Central (Academic Quadrangle 3020). 

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More reasons to study at FASS.


FASS has an amazing team of advisors that you can talk to anytime about anything. Whether you have questions about your studies or need help making decisions at this important point in your life, FASS advisors can help you at every stage of your studies.

We also have advisors in every FASS department and program to help you with your questions specific to your areas of study. 

Peer mentors

Sometimes what you need most is to talk to a peer; someone close to your age who is also currently studying at FASS. 

FASS peer mentors will share all the tips and tricks they've learned and connect you with the people and places you need to succeed at university. In Burnaby, connect with FASS Connections. In Surrey, reach out to FASS Friends and mentors (FaM).

Student unions

Another excellent way to meet people with similar interests is to join student unions. Every FASS department and program has a student union you can join

FASS student unions host all sorts of social events that are totally optional. Be involved as much or as little as you like, but trust us, it's totally worth getting involved in helping out. You'll make new friends and learn a lot along the way.


FASS One is designed specifically to help you get connected to other first-year students, professors, advisors, as well as the community at the Surrey campus. With the help of a dedicated advisor and a team of peer mentors ready to help you, your support network is in place for an engaging first year experience at SFU! 

Study abroad

Broaden your experience of the world's many nations while learning from global leaders in their fields. Take a semester to study with our international university partners! 

These all contribute to your personal growth and maturity, and are exciting ways to strengthen your resume (CV) and academic path.

Apply your learning to work

The best way to become a professional in your field is to apply what you learn! We help you do that with these career-building opportunities:

  • Co-op is paid work that you take on for a semester.
  • SFU Career Services supports your career planning goals.
  • Field programs help you learn occupational skills and competencies while developing professional relationships with organizations in your field.
  • Volunteer to gain skills and build your network while keeping your commitment flexible with your academic schedule.

What do students say about FASS?

Our students are change-makers. They say that they've sharpened their critical thinking and came out of our programs more resilient, and equipped for their dream careers and lives. Here are some stories you can read to learn about their experiences first hand.

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