Earth Sciences Postings

These postings are updated by SFU's departments. Applicants should make sure that they can meet the departments' requirements and application deadlines. Please apply directly to the department where the job posting is located. Please check your department's job posting website as well.


Course:  EASC 300 ST: Geological Resources  -- position is filled.


Applications are to be submitted online at



Earth Sciences Teaching Assistant/Tutor Marker Hiring Priorities

Application period:  October 24 - November 7, 2022  

Appointment period:  January 3 - April 28, 2023  

EASC 101 Dynamic Earth Burnaby TA
EASC 101 Dynamic Earth Surrey TA Hansen
EASC 106 Earth Through Time
Burnaby TA Hansen
EASC 201 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
Burnaby   TA MacEachern
EASC 204* Structural Geology I Burnaby TA Gibson
EASC 205 Introduction to Petrology Burnaby TA Cameron
EASC 208 Introduction to Geochemistry Burnaby
TA Staples
EASC 210 Evolving Earth Burnaby TA Dashtgard
EASC 305 Quantitative Methods for the Earth Sciences Burnaby TA Williams-Jones
EASC 313* Intro to Soil and Rock Engineering Burnaby TA Sepulveda
EASC 314 Principles of Glaciology Burnaby TA Flowers
EASC 403** Quaternary Geology Burnaby TA Ward
EASC 410 Groundwater Contamination & Transport
Burnaby TA Allen
EASC 411* Terrain Analysis
Burnaby TA Ward

Duties, Responsibilities and Term of the Appointment

All successful aplicants must demonstrate completion of the required safety training prior to the start of the course. Safety training requirements for each course are listed here.  Retraining is not required if certification is still valid.


TA/TM duties  and scheduled hours will vary from course to course.

Applicants are expected to be available for the entire term of the contract -- January 3 - April 28, 2023

Qualifications for TA/TM positions in the Department of Earth Sciences:  A bachelor's or master's degree in Earth Sciences, or equivalent. The Department of Earth Sciences includes a wide range of specializations and, in order to be appointed, a person must have sufficient knowledge in the discipline of the course to interpret the course material, as demonstrated by either having taken the course or equivalent, or through graduate‐level research in the subject area. 

*TA must be available to travel on evenings/overnight/weekends, possess valid BC Class 5 (or equivalent) Driver's license, submit a current Drivers Abstract and valid First Aid Level One (minimum).  EASC204, EASC313, EASC 403, and EASC411 will involve out of town travel. 

**EASC 403 will involve international travel to Washington State, must meet requirements of valid travel documentation (medical, visa/passport, ect.)   

***Additional:  W Courses: applicants must have above average technical writing skills and be able to critique and assess written assignments and reports. 

TAs and TMs must be available to invigilate exams and TMs must be able to collect exams and course work for marking from, and return (once marked) to the SFU Burnaby Campus. 

Note: All external applicants (non‐EASC) must email a statement of interest, and CV to by application closing date.  

Access the Earth Sciences Teaching Assistantship Application Form here (SFU email account required)

Questions contact Tarja Vaisanen, Department Manager by email.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only successful applicants will be contacted and shall receive written confirmation.

Resources for TAs/TMs/Sessionals

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