Previewing and publishing surveys


When you have finished building your survey, you can preview it by clicking on the Preview link on the My Surveys page.

Surveys will always be previewed in the "All Questions on One Page" format. Use this preview to make sure the questions look the way you expected.

For more complete testing, set the access level on the Access Tab to "Administrators Only" and publish the survey. You and your administrators can then test the live survey without worrying about the public getting access. Just be sure to delete all test responses before releasing the survey to your respondents.


There are two ways to make your survey available to users:

  1. Check the Publish box on the General Tab in the survey control panel.
  2. On the main My Surveys page each survey has a "Published" column. Unpublished surveys have a link which says "Click to Publish". Clicking that link will publish the survey and the link itself will become the custom URL that you will use to let users access the published survey.