Get started

Creating your first survey is quick and easy.

  1. Click My Surveys in the left side menu
  2. Click the New button
  3. This is the Survey control panel, build your survey using the following tabs:
    • General Tab - Main survey information like name and description
    • Questions Tab Create and order the questions you will ask
    • Access Tab - Limit access to your survey to a subset of the University community
    • Administrators Tab - Allow others to edit your survey and/or view the results
  4. There are two ways to make your survey available to users:
    • Check the "Publish" box on the General Tab in the survey control panel.
    • On the main "My Surveys" page each survey has a "Published" column. Unpublished surveys have a link which says "Click to Publish". Clicking that link will publish the survey and the link itself will become the custom URL that you will use to let users access the published survey.
  5. To disable the survey, return to the General Tab and deselect the "Publish" box. This will not affect the results and a survey can be reactivated at any time by checking the publish box again. (Note that when a survey is reactivated, its unique URL remains the same)