Viewing and exporting survey results

View Submissions

The View Submissions page has six columns:

  • Survey Name - This is the name you gave your survey
  • Submissions - This is the number of submissions your survey has received.
  • Summary - The View link will take you to the summary page to see the aggregate results of your survey.
  • Export - This link will generate a Tab Delimited Text File that you can download for further processing.
  • Owner - This is the computing ID of the owner of this survey.
  • Trash - Clicking on the trash can icon will PERMANENTLY delete ALL submissions from your survey

To view individual submissions, click on the number of submissions in the Submissions column. This will take you to a page with all the submissions listed by date and time. Clicking on any date/time will display the completed survey for you to examine.

View Summary Results

WebSurvey can aggregate some kinds of questions for you and provide a quick summary of your current submissions.

  • Click on the View link for any survey to start the aggregation process.
  • Surveys with many submissions may take several minutes to process.
  • If WebSurvey is going to take longer then a few seconds, it will display a progress bar for you to monitor.

The summary page will display aggregate results for questions like Checkboxes and Radio Buttons. For questions where respondents were allowed to enter free flowing information like Single Line Text and Comment Box questions, the last five entries will be displayed. Clicking on the More... link will open a new window with all the results for that question displayed (sometimes it takes several pages to display all the results).

Exporting Summary Results

The summary display is meant only as a convenience for quick checking results. The page is not designed to be printed out and may take a long time to process if there are a great many results. Proper processing of results should be done with an external application like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or Filemaker.

The survey results will be exported as a Tab Delimited Text File.

This text file basically simulates a spreadsheet by separating columns with Tabs. Each line of the text file is a new record or row.

You should open this file in notepad or edit it manually. It will probably look like a mess of words if you try to open it in a regular text viewer.

ACS does not support this part of the process so please don't contact the help desk looking for help with handling exported files Please contact your local desktop support person for help.

Having said that, here is a quick step by step for importing the exported file into Microsoft Excel.

  1. Make sure you save the exported file to a location on your computer that you can find again.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel
  3. Choose File > Open from the menu bar
  4. Find the exported file, it should have the same name as your survey and click Open
  5. The Excel Text Import Wizard should pop up. If it doesn't contact your desktop support person.
  6. Step 1 of 3 - You should be able to leave the settings on the first step in their default settings. Make sure the "Delimited" radio button is selected and Start import at row 1. Click Next >
  7. Step 2 of 3 - Make sure that the only box selected under "Delimiters" is Tab. Leave other options as is. The Data Preview window should reflect properly separated columns. Click Next >
  8. Step 3 of 3 - You can just click Finish on the last step. Any adjustments to data format can be done later.
  9. The information should now appear nicely organized on a traditional spreadsheet.