“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

– Lewis Carroll

With IT tightly woven into the fabric of everything we do at SFU, we are obliged to plan our information systems journey. By developing a coherent and integrated long term strategy we maximize the value of our current and future investments in information systems, ensuring that SFU information systems and services are aligned with SFU’s vision and strategic priorities. The purpose of this website is to outline SFU’s strategic plan for realizing our One I.S. Vision. The plan’s timeframe is 7 years and will be reviewed, assessed, and updated annually.

The structure of this website starts with a summarization of the One I.S. vision, which sets the context for the planning exercise which began in the fall of 2016. Our first step was a client satisfaction survey distributed across SFU. Using the survey results, an extensive consultation process was conducted with several hundred participants. This process was concluded with a consultation summary document.

The consultation output became the foundation of a strategic planning exercise that developed the content for the Strategies section of the plan. These strategies start with the three pillars of SFU’s engagement strategy: research, students, and community. To support this engagement strategy, three additional information system specific pillars are needed: administration, digitalization, and people.

The PDF version of the One I.S. Strategic Plan is available below for download.