Core Values

The One I.S. Strategic Plan is based on the following core values. These values were derived from a University wide consultation about the future of information systems at SFU.

Client Service

We will foster a culture of service first and engage proactively and directly with our clients to understand and support all of their information systems requirements.

Information Security

We will promote a culture of security throughout the University and do our utmost to ensure the online safety and security of SFU. Protection and mitigation from cyber security risk and continually improving information security is a matter of survival.

Collaborative Partnerships

We will be engaged in all decisions about information systems at the University, focus on technology outcomes by leveraging information systems to augment human interaction to make it more valuable and productive, and actively employ a socialization process for all information systems changes, projects, and innovations.

Seamless Integration

Business requirements will drive softwarebased systems, enterprise and local information systems will work together seamlessly, and we will deliver and maintain a single integrated source of data for decision-making to enable people at all campuses to seamlessly work, teach, learn, and research together.

Organizational Agility

We will continuously improve and evolve our processes, adapt to digital disruption, balance the demand for information systems with financial sustainability through prioritization and university-wide stewardship, and invest in our people to sustain demands for increasing value from information systems.