Training and Safety


New Employee Training

All new employees must complete the following training provided by Safety and Risk Services:

New staff should complete the following training:

Research Safety Training

All research personnel must complete safety training appropriate to their lab. Supervising faculty are responsible for ensuring research group members have complete and up-to-date safety training. Research training includes:

Training Organizer
Physics Machine Shop Bryan Gormann
Radioisotope Training Radiation Safety Office
Laser Safety Radiation Safety Office
X-ray Safety Radiation Safety Office
Other lab safety training Environmental Health and Safety


*In an emergency, call 911*

Calling from a campus phone alerts Campus Security of your location.

Campus Security

  • Emergency line: 778-782-4500 (or 24500 from a campus phone)
  • Non-emergency and safe walk line: 778-782-7991

Campus Safety

Campus Safety and Security offers guides and programs to keep you safe.

Faculty of Science Safety

The Faculty of Science provides resources to maintain a safe working and learning environment.

Door Hazard Signage

Laboratory hazard door signs are required at the entrance of any space that stores hazardous materials, radioactive sources, x-ray generating devices, and laser devices.

Building Evacuation Team