Congratulations to our 2022 undergraduate award winners

July 25, 2022
Jiven Lal and Tanya Kuriyedath

SFU Political Science congratulates Jiven Lal and Tanya Kuriyedath, whose exceptional academic achievements have won them 2022 undergraduate awards.

Jiven Lal received the Pauline Jewett Scholarship, which is awarded at the end of spring term to the student with the highest CGPA among political science majors and who has surpassed 90 units during that term. Lal says that the secret to his academic success is that he always asks lots of questions.

"I think it’s really important to ask for clarification when you don’t fully understand something—I also think it’s equally important to ask follow-up questions for things that you find interesting or want to know more about. This helps me make better connections to what I’m learning and better retain information."

His future plans include joining the honours program this fall and working on a research project focused on immigration and reconciliation. After completing his bachelor's degree, Lal hopes to attend law school, but says, "I try not to set things in stone. You never know what opportunities life will throw at you."

Tanya Kuriyedath won The Rama Reddy Political Science Award. This cash prize is awarded annually in the summer to the student with the highest CGPA graduating with an honours or major in political science. Kuriyedath actually completed a joint major in political science and economics and is looking ahead to future studies in law school.

"I want to pursue a career in criminal law," she says. "I plan to dedicate my efforts towards advocating for those who are vulnerable and marginalized in our criminal justice system."

Both students thanked the political science faculty for their support during their studies. 

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