Harshi Mann

Lawyer, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
BA 2014

Harshi Mann used her political science B.A. as a launching pad to Queen's Law.

"My degree in political science was an useful asset, especially the seminar courses I took, which involved presenting my views on political issues, debating, discussing, and thinking critically and those are skills I use every day in my job," she says.

Mann is currently a litigator in Vancouver, focusing on complex commercial disputes, as well as public, constitutional and administrative law. She enjoys the intellectual stimulation of her work; it is never boring

"The work is consistently challenging, and I learn a new skill each day,” she says. “My goal is to one day use these skills to meaningfully contribute to the legal and broader social and political communities. That's something that I have always strived for in my career."

Mann is particularly inspired by a recent pro-bono case she worked on that brought her to the Yukon. She had the opportunity to prepare written submissions and present oral argument on complex and novel Charter issues in a case that has the potential to be precedent-setting.

"The potential to meaningfully contribute to the legal landscape, and represent a truly remarkable and inspirational client, has been the highlight of my career so far," she says.

The best advice Mann has for current university students is to take courses in different disciplines and go beyond their “major” subject areas whenever possible. By virtue of taking many courses in several different departments, Mann was able to find her passion for law, which was not always an obvious path for her.

"It is because I exposed myself to many different disciplines, that I was able to find what I was really passionate about.  I still remember the day I realized I was going to be a lawyer: it was in a Labour Studies class." Mann says.

She credits her SFU professors with helping her develop a critical lens, and not take information at face value. This is especially helpful in her career as a lawyer, in which questioning information, analyzing evidence, and providing justification are essential.

"The degree I earned at SFU opened my eyes to a whole other world and it was my first step in creating a career I am proud of," says Mann.