SFU Publishing Director Hannah McGregor's new book "Podcast or Perish" explores the Infinite Possibilities that Podcasting offers

April 10, 2024

SFU Publishing Director Hannah McGregor's new book, Podcast or Perish, explores how the growth of scholarly podcasting may engender radical possibilities for how we conceive of knowledge creation and peer review, and the transformative potential of new modes of creating and reviewing expert knowledge. 

About the book: 

By investigating the historical development of the norms of scholarly communication, the unique affordances of sound-based scholarship and the transformative potential of new modes of creating and reviewing expert knowledge, Podcast or Perish is the call to action academia needs.

"Provocative, playful and pointed in its analysis of the production and evaluation of scholarly knowledge, this book is informed by a deep understanding of podcasting and the audio medium. It illuminates how podcasting, with its focus on voice, conversation and participation, can greatly advance the accessibility of scholarly knowledge. The book will help academics frustrated by the limitations of print-based peer review understand – and experiment with - the alluring power of podcasting in teaching, learning and research contexts." 

-- Siobhan McHugh, podcast scholar/practitioner and author of The Power of Podcasting: Telling Stories Through Sound (2022)

"This timely book is uniquely suited to our present moment of rapid change and uncertainty in higher education. Academics have the tools to revise (and resubmit) the standards of peer review and in this refreshing and engaging book the podcast is presented as a means for not only rethinking our work, but also for carving out an auditory space for scholarly discourse in an era of transformation." 

-- Brian Fauteux, associate professor of popular music and media studies, University of Alberta

Join all three authors at their book launch event on April 16!