Safe Walk Program

The Safe Walk Program

The Safe Walk Program provides SFU community members with a Campus Security escort to support safe travel on campus 24/7.

The Safe Walk escort is provided by either a security officer or a student campus safety member. These Safe Walk personnel are equipped with portable radios and flashlights and are in direct communication with the Security Operations Centre dispatcher.

Safe Walk personnel can be identified by a valid SFU Campus Security picture identification card.

Requesting a Safe Walk

To request a Safe Walk escort:

Remember that you cannot reserve a Safe Walk time; you must call when you need the escort.


  • When requesting a Safe Walk, always give the dispatcher the exact location where you are and the destination desired.
  • After making the request for a Safe Walk, wait for the escort inside a building if possible. The escort will meet you at the location specified.


Who Can Request a Safe Walk?

Anyone on the SFU campuses may call to request a Safe Walk.

Where can I request a Safe Walk to?

You can request a Safe Walk to anywhere on SFU property.

For Surrey campus you can also be escorted to nearby bus stops.

For Vancouver campus Safe Walk is offered in a 2 block radius, or to the next bus stop, or between buildings until 10:30pm. Note that 611 Alexander has a taxi-voucher Safe Walk program run by the Contemporary Arts Technologist. Vouchers can be obtained at their office near the main doors.