Student Safety Engagement Program

The Student Safety Engagement Program (SSEP), initiated in summer term 2017, is a student-run volunteer program which collaborates with Safety & Risk Services (SRS) to create personalized volunteer experiences in the fields of safety and security.  

The SSEP provides the opportunity for students to get involved, explore career paths, gain volunteer experience, and meet new people. This program is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students involvement at SFU.

Our mission is to build an enthusiastic team of student volunteers to facilitate a safe and secure academic environment in partnership with SRS, while providing a meaningful volunteer experience that promotes leadership and allows students to gain transferable skills.

The program is coordinated by one student supervisor and three student team leaders who coordinate volunteers at each of the SFU campuses Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver. The program also allows for flexible scheduling to accommodate class schedules.  

Volunteer Opportunities


  • Current SFU student in good academic standing (min. GPA 2.0)
  • A minimum of one semester participation


Job Description

Types of Volunteer Opportunities


  • The priority of this shift is to target high traffic areas where people may be requiring information, guidance, or assistance to reach campus security personnel
  • The role of the volunteer during a community presence shift may involve a wide variety of community needs ranging from directing visitors to their destination, or providing assistance to critical medical emergencies.


  • The priority of this shift is to target of areas that are susceptible to or have high accounts of theft.
  • This is in the form of and not limited to: handing out theft prevention slips, conversations with owners of unattended items, and creating presentations during booth sessions, etc.


  • SSEP conducted safety audits are designed to be proactive and supplemental to current safety committees; while also engaging SSEP personnel to raise awareness and interest in occupational and environmental health and safety.
  • Performing safety audits are helpful to both the students as well as the safety committees on campus. When conducting a safety audit, SSEP personnel can expect to follow the safety checklist and look for potential hazards that could pose a danger to anyone on campus.


  • The primary purpose for a Speed Watch Shift is to encourage and promote safe driving at SFU.
  • Volunteers would monitor high vehicle traffic areas on the SFU Burnaby campus in order to take statistics on vehicles driving over the speed limit or in any unsafe manner.
  • All information is collected, compiled, and analyzed by the Manager of Traffic Safety


  • To raise awareness. The priority of this shift is to target parking lots that are susceptible to high accounts of theft. This shift raises awareness to the SFU community on ways to reduce the incidence of thefts from vehicles.


  • The Student Safety Engagement Program is responsible for collecting, documenting, and storing lost and found items. As well as facilitating the item retrieval and claim process.  Volunteers learn how to preform data base audits, retention management and disposition protocols.           
  • Students are able to develop their customer service skills as they support the SFU community in resolving inquiries with consistency, diligent communication skills, listening skills, problem resolution skills and politeness.


  • The priority of this shift is to target high traffic parking lots, roadways and sidewalks where people may be requiring information, guidance, or assistance such as directing visitors to their destination, or providing assistance to critical medical emergencies.
  • Bike presence shifts are perfect for those interested in engaging in high demand physical activity!

Meet the Team



Gian started working with the Student Safety Engagement Program in the Fall of 2018. He is pursuing a Health Science major with a Criminology minor and a Forensic Studies Certificate. He believes that the SSEP is a wonderful initiative that will help him foster a greater sense of community and leadership; as well as a way to spread safety initiatives within the university.



Stephanie joined the Student Safety Engagement Program in Fall 2018 to expand her knowledge of the safety and security resources available to students. She is doing a major in Criminology and a Police Studies Certificate, along with a Legal Studies Certificate. In this position, she hopes to create a secure learning environment by engaging in preventative initiatives.

Jennifer Oluka


Jennifer joined the SSEP team in the summer semester of 2018 because of her interest in pursuing a safety related career. Her involvement in CUPE 23’s and Douglas College’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee led to her to the SSEP volunteer and team leader position. As a team leader, she hopes to increase the safety culture on campus as she believes that when it comes to safety it is best to be preventative than reactive!