Fall protection

Simon Fraser University expects all community member and contractors to adhere to WorkSafe BC, Part 11 – Fall Protection while on campus. For more information on Fall Protection regulation, visit WorkSafe BC.


  • For antenna licensees that require access to the roof: realestate@sfu.ca or 778.782.3400
  • For obtaining roof access permit: 778.782.3867
  • For inquiries on roof anchor systems: 778.782.3253

Regulations and standards

Simon Fraser University is required to comply with the legal requirements specified under WorkSafe BC, Part 11 – fall protection for any work conducted at height. WorkSafe BC requirements are required to be complied with at all times on SFU campuses. As defined by the regulation, fall protection is required:

  • When work is performed at heights of 10 feet or more; or
  • Where a fall from height of less than 10 feet involves a risk of injury greater than the risk of injury from the impact on a flat surface


SFU permanent fall protection anchors are annually inspected and tested by an external engineering firm to ensure compliance with WorkSafe BC requirements and the CSA and ANSI standards. For more information on SFU fall protection anchor system contact SFU Facilities Services 778.782.3852.

Annual Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

Fall Protection Equipment owned and used by SFU are annually inspected by an external organization to ensure compliance with current standards and WorkSafe BC regulations.

Program manuals

Fall Protection Program

SFU has a comprehensive Fall Protection Program. This program applies to all personnel that will work at heights on campus.