Fall protection

Simon Fraser University expects all community member and contractors to adhere to WorkSafe BC, Part 11 – Fall Protection while on campus. For more information on Fall Protection regulation, visit WorkSafe BC.


  • For antenna licensees that require access to the roof: realestate@sfu.ca or 778.782.3400
  • For obtaining roof access permit: 778.782.3867
  • For inquiries on roof anchor systems: 778.782.3253


The following are some of the common training that workers and contractors complete, while working on campus.

SFU safety orientation

The SFU Safety Orientation is a general overview of SFU safety requirements, protocols, emergency response and hazards. This training is required by all SFU staff and faculty members to complete when they start their first day of work at SFU.

SFU contractor safety orientation

All contractors who will or are performing work on campus must complete SFU Contractor Safety Orientation. This orientation provide information of SFU expectations and requirements for contractors, genera safety protocols, emergencies and general hazards on campus.

Fall protection certification

Any person who requires to use a Fall Protection system recognize by WorkSafe BC, must be trained and certified in Fall Protection, prior to their initial use. This training is typically provided by an external organization specializing in Fall Protection training and equipment. Proof of this training must be available on campus when Fall Protection systems are utilized.

Ladder safety

A documented “on the job” or formal training on Ladder Safety must be completed by all users who will utilize ladders on campus.

Scaffold safety

Scaffold training must meet the CSA standard that outlines scaffold training requirements. Any person who install, maintain or dismantle scaffold systems, must be trained on that specific scaffold system. A “on the job” or formal training must be provided for scaffold user with regards to basic inspection and use of the scaffold systems.

Mobile equipment certification/ competency

Any mobile equipment used on campus must be serviced and maintained to a good/safe working condition. Equipment operators must be specifically trained on the equipment to be used on campus. A documented and proof of training must be available on campus and valid within 3 years.

Specialized equipment such as mobile cranes specified by BC Crane Safety have different requirements. Specialized equipment must follow their applicable associations or WorkSafe BC requirements.

Visit SRS Training to review the full list of safety training.